Hello Interwebs! My name is Lisa, I am a speaker (which mostly means I stand in front of groups of people and sweat a lot until they let me sit down again), writer, nap enthusiast, and chronic oversharer. I am the wife to a very handsome and supportive man who spends a very large portion of his life wondering why I'm meditating in a corner. 

I am in recovery from alcohol addiction, and I am so damn tired of not talking about it. This is a space for talking about the hard things. The raw, real things. For busting through social norms like the Kool-Aid man. For not being silent when what I want is to be heard. For screw-ups and failing and starting again. Thank you for listening. I am so happy you're here!


If you're here, meeting me, it's equally as important that you meet one of the two best dudes in my life, my pup/child Atlas Stone. He is like the love-child of Ferdinand the Bull and Dobby the House Elf, but in a Pit Bull body. His antics include the befriending of cats and the fearless protecting of his parents from his arch-nemesis, the dishwasher. This struggle is ongoing, but he expects to triumph in the end. 

Equal parts snuggle bug, stink bug, and best pal, Atlas will be a frequent sight around this corner of the Interwebs.

All photos on this site taken by Lisa herself, unless specified otherwise.